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Fist of Faitt is a Runescape Social Clan, centered on player assistance and events. 
Please message Airekahlin, Caddur, Crowlette, Maxx Faitt, or any Villexium or other Clan member in the game. Our default 
world is 89. 

Please, do not apply to join this site until you are accepted into the clan from within the game. 
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citadel update

Cadderlybonaduc, Jul 2, 11 3:41 PM.

Clan members may have hiscore tables, capes, insignia and clan chat channels, but they haven’t had a place to call their own. That is about to change, as clan citadels, floating castles in the sky, can be seen on the horizon!

Gather five clanmates who have membership and you will be able to complete the portal ritual, gaining entry to your clan’s very own citadel. Choose from four different layouts before deciding whether you want your citadel to be in glorious sunshine or perpetual night. Banners and flags fly the colours of your clan, and there are dozens of hotspots for you and your clan to make your own.

Of these hotspots, a maximum of seven are skill-related, allowing you and your clan to train skills together. Although the XP you receive is slightly lower than you would receive on the surface of RuneScape, skilling here will contribute to the maintenance of the citadel, allowing you to upgrade it from tier 1 to tier 7. As your citadel gets upgraded, you’ll gain access to better customisation options and even more hotspots. Contribute enough to the weekly upkeep of the citadel and you’ll find you have access to a clan ring, which gives you a temporary 1.5x multiplier in certain skill tasks about RuneScape.

Your clan can gather in many areas of your clan citadel – in meeting rooms, a senate, a party room – but the centrepiece is the clan battlefield. This offers you and your clan a large area to battle together or face-off against other clans, and a full-blown Battlefield Editor to create your own combat situations or minigames. We’ve had endless amounts of fun concocting clan wars between departments, elaborate mazes, obstacle courses, and twists on the traditional ‘capture the flag’ format, but we expect you to blow our ideas clear out of the sky. Get to grips with the locations, obstacles, enemies, enemy behaviours, win conditions and other tools, and then share your creation with your clan mates or other clans. The limits of what you create will only really be defined by your imagination.

Our graphics department have been busy adding over 4,000 new models and over 20,000 new animation frames to the game for Clan Citadels, making an environment that we are particularly proud of. More information about Clan Citadels will be revealed over the course of the month, with a clan blog on the 7th which will answer many of the questions you may have.

So, start growing your clans in anticipation of the Clan Citadels release!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Cadderlybonaduc, Jun 15, 11 7:47 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Recruiting is open to all players of any level. It is assumed that Clan mates remain laid back, and willing to assist one another. Clan events may be organized on request, and by any clan member. Please ask a star-ranked clan member (See Clan List in game) about creating/organizing events.
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